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Press Kit


Please click the icon below to download our electronic press kit. 

Sample Programs

(see press kit for detailed program information including pieces and composers)


Eu-better believe it!


Tuba quartet is an ensemble that most people have never heard of before, much less heard of! This diverse program is designed to appeal to a general audience in a variety of venues such as summer festivals, concert series, and community performances. The music selections are specially chosen favourites from the group – pieces that are guaranteed to leave the audiences satisfied and humming.


Something New, Something Old, Something Euba


Euba enjoys performing for just about everyone, but one of our favourite groups to play for is seniors.  As a group, seniors are an audience that have perhaps been exposed first-hand to more syles of music than anyone else, and so Euba has pulled together a few classics as well as some of most unique original tuba quartet compositions to offer a selection of something old, something new, and an all-around entertaining show!


Euba is also a very flexible group, and loves to receive input from its audience for pieces that are particular favourites amongst their listeners. If you know of any favourites beforehand, we will do our very best to include them in the program.


Educational Programming 


This varied program is designed to represent a wide variety of music in a way that is accessible to students.  It includes a fantastic introduction to instrument families and ties in well with the exploring forms and cultural contexts requirement of the Ontario music curriculum. Euba tailors the educational content of each show to reflect the materials and concepts outlined in the curriculum for that age group. The program includes lots of time for questions both throughout the set and at the end.


A more mature take on our elementary school show, a set for high school also includes interactive information about the physics behind brass instruments, why big instruments make low sounds and why small instruments play high, a great compliment to the grade 11 physics curriculum.


Masterclasses and Workshops

The members of Euba will come and work with your low brass section, or even your entire band. Workshops focus on techniques such as breathing together, making a nice sound and playing musical phrases, while Masterclasses focus more on individual playing: ideal for smaller groups of more advanced students. 

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